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Maresias, much more than a beautiful beach!

Maresias beach, located on the north coast of São Paulo, is one of the region's favorite beaches and receives visitors from all over the world all year round.

Maresias is the beach responsible for most of the tourists who come to the North Coast of São Paulo.

Famous for its good waves and for having revealed big names in world surfing, Maresias is much more than just a beach. Because it is so important for the region of São Sebastião, there are those who arrive there thinking that Maresias is in fact the city.

One of the main destinations among the beaches in Brazil, Maresias attracts for its good infrastructure, large number of inns and plenty of restaurants. Not to mention the ballad and nightlife, one of the most famous in the country.

Where is Maresias located?

100 km from Ubatuba and 160 km from the capital São Paulo, Maresias is located in the city of São Sebastião, on the North Coast of São Paulo. Different from what many people think, Maresias is not a city. In fact, Maresias is one of more than thirty beaches in São Sebastião. Of course, we are not talking about just any beach, but about a beach (or neighborhood/village) that, being so famous, gained a life of its own and became one of the most popular tourist destinations in São Paulo. In practice, it is much more common to hear that someone is going to Maresias than to São Sebastião.

What to do in Maresias?

Beach, surfing and clubbing sum up Maresias well! The destination is ideal for having fun, but also for relaxing. The package is complete with good restaurants, charming inns, refined hotels and easy access.

Take advantage of your days in Maresias to go beyond your favorite kiosk by the sea. It's even worth investing in some adventure sports while you're here.

Now, if you're in the line that loves to enjoy the night, but doesn't give up recharging your energy in a sea bath, Maresias could be your place!

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