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Now you no longer need to worry about who to leave your pet with during your trip, after all, he is also part of the family. Here at Pousada Mosaico Brasil your best friend is welcome. 


  A daily rate of R$ 50.00 (fifty reais) will be charged per animal, from April to November; and the daily rate of R$ 100.00 (one hundred reais), per animal, from December to March.

Here are some rules for the best coexistence among all:

  • We accept accommodation with small pets (up to 10 kg) that are sociable;

  • All animals must be properly vaccinated and with documentation in order;

  • It is strictly forbidden to host animals that cause intimidation;

  • The animals will stay together with the owners in the apartment (we do not have a kennel);

  • Owners must bring all the necessary utensils for their pet's stay (water and feed containers, guide, food and hygiene material);

  • Under no circumstances can animals be left on the loose (they must always be on a leash and accompanied by their owners) and cannot remain in the Breakfast Room, as well as in the pool areas;

  • For apartment cleaning, guests must contact the Reception, in order to schedule a convenient time, where the animal is not in the apartment;

  • The guest must avoid bathing the pet in the apartment. You must use the external showers, if necessary, or take it to one of the several Pet Shops located near the Pousada;

  • The use of Pousada towels to dry the animal is prohibited. The guest must bring their own hygiene kit for the little animal;

  • Guests will be responsible for any incidents/accidents caused by their animals and must reimburse any damages caused by them.

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Rua João Vieira, 241 -Maresias, SP, Brazil. 

CEP: 11628-124

24h reception:

+55 (12) 3865-5252/5215


+55 (12) 99685-4690

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